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Nyello! I'm Javi.


My dream is to be a full time artist! 

I am a queer illustrator and designer based in Boston, Massachusetts, and my life's passion is to create and share art that transports people to other worlds.

Born in the SF Bay Area and raised in Dallas, Texas, I moved to the northeast for school about 7 years ago and finished my BFA at Rhode Island School of Design in 2019. I afforded school and survived the pandemic by working odd jobs as a documentary camera operator, teacher's assistant, technician, and freelance web designer.  I am now on the hunt for a more stable job as a designer so I can fund my art practice and business. 


I love cats, reading about AAPI and queer history, going to local drag shows, seeing classic horror movies at Coolidge Corner Theater, and getting dim sum at Winsor in Chinatown. In 5 years I see myself paying rent with the income from my business, offering fun and affordable forms of my illustration work (think stickers, enamel pins). When I'm not running the business, I hope to continue my experiments in printmaking and digital illustration. 

Current Obsessions

01. Watch

Dragula Season 5, and pay attention to
Throb Zombie

02. Read

Asian American Histories of the United States by Catherine Ceniza Choy

03. Listen

World of Hassel LP by Alan Palomo (Neon Indian)

04. Hear

"IT" by Stephen King, read by Steven Weber

05. Draw

With Stabilo Boss pastel highlighters and found pencils

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