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Sierra Sanchez is a Boston-based artist whose work is influenced by their constant rotation between mediums in their practice.  Refusing to choose just one discipline, Sierra's pursuit of filmmaking, music production, and painting elevates an interconnected and multifaceted dialogue about identity to occur. Their work is influenced by surrealism, horror, dance music, fashion, queer expression and their Asian American heritage.

Sierra has been a guest critic at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Brown University, and held an artist talk at Brookhaven College, Dallas. They have exhibited in galleries across Rhode Island, including Skye Gallery, Providence Art Club, Coastal Contemporary, RISD, and Public.


Recently, they completed a residency and exhibition at Arts Itoya in Takeo, Japan. 


2019 Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors; Rhode Island School of Design; focus in painting

2014-2016 Training in Fine Art and Design; Brookhaven College

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