The Sweetness of Sunlight Through Glass (2020)

Directed and shot by Sierra Sanchez
Music by Sierra Sanchez
Starring Brian Cowe, Benjamin Heath, Gabriel Nelson and Cate D’Angelo

Part of the South Ave 24-hour Film Festival, 2020.

Life Sciences PhD Programs at Brandeis University (2020)

Directed by Sierra Sanchez and Gabriel Nelson
Cinematography; Soundtrack — Sierra Sanchez
Prod. Sound; Editing & Color — Gabriel Nelson
Produced by Dr. Gina Turrigiano, Dr. Avital Rodal, Brandeis Life Sciences

The Divining Bell (2019)

Directed by Sierra Sanchez and Gabriel Nelson;
Cinematography by Sarah Novak-Sheward

Listen to The Divining Bell OST on Bandcamp

Civilsamhället (2019)

s16mm film och UHD Video, 18 min 27 sec
En film av Sara Jordenö och Amber Horning Ruf
Regi: Sara Jordenö
Filmfotograf: Maja Dennhag
Ljussättning: Fanny Linander
Produktionsassistent: Felicia Westerlund
Ljuddesign: Gabriel Nelson och Sierra Sanchez
Producerad av Sara Jordenö och Amber Horning Ruf

From Chaos A River (2018)

Directed, Shot and Written by Gabriel Nelson
Soundtrack by Sierra Sanchez

Home/Sun Setting on Eric House (2015)

Direction, Cinematography and Score by Sierra Sanchez

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