Mastering Anxiety Dreams LP

Anxiety Dreams, my first album released under the moniker Ox. is being mastered by Brad Krieger at Big Nice Studio!

I’ve been a mixing intern at Big Nice since March 2020, doing most of my internship online because of the pandemic. It’s been a blast to say the least and I’ve learned so much more about mixing, and invested so much more time and energy into my music than when I started. I used to be kind of shy about claiming that I’m a musician, and even dropped music making altogether for a year while I was studying art because I thought it would make me more “focused” and “disciplined.”

But I really love creating and mixing electronic music, and it’s an art form I can neither drop nor run away from, so I’m glad to own the title and to say that I have a fully developed LP under my belt!

I have big plans for the release of Anxiety Dreams that involve a series of films… But in the meantime, check out Big Nice Studio in Lincoln, RI!

Featured Image: “In Over My Head” oil on canvas, 12″ x 12,” 2018