Life Sciences PhD at Brandeis University

Hi y’all! Gabriel Nelson and I had the privilege of creating a promo video for the Life Sciences PhD Programs at Brandeis. We interviewed a handful of incredibly bright graduate and PhD students on campus about their experiences. It was fun and refreshing to be able to safely create a film centered on student perspectives during a pandemic, and I’m grateful to have been in a good place health-wise and energy-wise to produce something that may encourage someone to look forward to their future.

(2020) Directed by Sierra Sanchez and Gabriel Nelson
Cinematography; Soundtrack — Sierra Sanchez
Prod. Sound; Editing & Color — Gabriel Nelson
Produced by Dr. Gina Turrigiano, Dr. Avital Rodal, Brandeis Life Sciences

Featured Image: A still from the video ‘Life Sciences PhD Programs at Brandeis University’ featuring Tatevik studying mosquitos under a microscope.