Additional Portfolios


Mean Waterbud Films is a collaborative based in Providence, Rhode Island; formed by filmmaker Gabriel Nelson and painter Sierra Sanchez. Their films blend painting sensibilities with cinema, constructing detail-heavy visions with handmade props, costumes, sets, sounds and practical effects.

Through stories set in invented landscapes, languages, and symbologies, the collaborative writes stories about characters’ capacities for empathy in the face of unfamiliar dangers. They are fascinated by horror and sci-fi as lenses through which to investigate the qualities that draw us to one another, beautiful and ugly. Mean Waterbud Films strives to tell live-action and animated stories that are at once empathetic, unsettling, human and alien.

Original Soundtracks

Sierra has been composing soundtracks for their own films since 2016, and playing music for longer. They design one-of-a-kind patches and MIDI instruments from sampled field recordings for narrative films, documentaries, and animations.


When Sierra isn’t painting or concocting a film plot with Gabe, they make electronic music in the room behind the refrigerator.