Sierra Sanchez (they/them/theirs) is a multidisciplinary artist who creates oil paintings, experimental films and electronic music inspired by stories from their life and Filipino/Japanese family heritage. Their allegorical and symbolic work focuses on intergenerational trauma, lost histories, and queer/mixed-race identity. 

Sierra Sanchez earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2019. They had their first solo exhibition, Sierra Sanchez, with Skye Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island (2017), resulting in Skye Gallery representing Sanchez. Sierra has exhibited frequently in Rhode Island: two-person show In Decision at RISD (2017); -isms: Exploring The Intersectionality of Identity at RISD (2017), Coastal Skye at Coastal Contemporary Gallery in Newport and Skye Gallery (2018); Ether at Skye Gallery in 2019, and Rhode Island Community Invitational at Providence Art Club (2021).

Sanchez’s work has been published in Fields Magazine, Art New England, and the Filipino American Artists Directory. Sanchez has also been a guest lecturer and critic for Painting I at Brookhaven College (2018), Studio Drawing at RISD (2020), and Under The Beat: Mapping Music in Providence at Brown University (2021). In 2016, Sierra received the First Place Juror’s Award for their painting Kami (Born from War).

Sanchez currently lives in flux between Mérida and Mexico City, and works as a freelancer to support their art practice.