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Like Flies To The Attic Lamp

Like Flies To The Attic Lamp is a cautionary secret, a dark journey through a mirror-universe where blindness is wisdom and innocent lives are collected by imposters posing as the victims themselves. Considering concepts such as death and consumption, human objectivity, artifacts and evidence, and doubles, I carefully constructed a horror story about a woman who is forcibly taken to the Mirror Universe by an imposter wearing her face. She is warned by three blind nymphs of the Imposters’ intentions to collect her like a specimen, but they are consumed. In an act of courage and strength, she kills the Imposter and reclaims her face— escaping back into her world. Utilizing source material from personal journals as prompts, I photographed the story digitally, printed the images, collaged them by hand into new compositions and distorted selected images on a scanner bed. The results reveal the true horrors of objectification in a world just beginning to recognize it.

Feb. 5, 2018