The Divining Bell (2019) 22 mins

dir. Sierra Sanchez & Gabriel Nelson
soundtrack – Sierra Sanchez

Examiner, the last human in this world, is tasked with taking special care of a fragile ecosystem in a harsh, ever-dark world. When parasitic creatures threaten Examiner’s way of life, it’s up to them to fight and protect the home they devoted their life to.

Directors’ Statement: In a time when divisiveness, apathy, and egotism encourage violence and hatred toward one another in present-day America, we felt that a film needed to be made about the universality of love toward an environment (a non-human character) and a grounding of ‘self’ in its care. Additionally, in a society built on arbitrary gender-binaries and stereotypes associated with the two, I sought to create an empathetic, non-binary character who demonstrates integrity, intelligence, bravery, and emotional maturity without the restrictions of an assumed gender.


Skeleton Dad – Episode 1 (2017 – 2019) 19:57 mins
dir. Brian Cowe
Writing – Brian & Matthew Cowe
Fabrication – Sierra Sanchez
Art Direction – Sierra Sanchez

“Skeleton Dad is a live-action, dark comedy, puppet theater series about navigating family relationships and acknowledging personal differences.

The show follows five brothers learning to live with the loss of their father. Living together in their childhood home, each of them carries a burden they seldom discuss or consider. After a late-night celebration of Dia de los Muertos, a knock on the door announces the arrival of someone who seems to know quite a bit about their lives.

The brothers believe it at first to be a prank, but soon discover the truth: they are being haunted by a long-dead skeleton, come back to life! Now the five brothers must reopen some old wounds, examine issues they thought they had left behind, and learn to accept one another– all over again.”
-Gabriel Nelson


I SAW (2017) 5:50 mins

dir. Sierra Sanchez & Gabriel Nelson
cinematography – Sierra Sanchez
art direction – Sierra Sanchez

A woman witnesses her neighbor perform a doubling ritual.


In Decision (2017) 3:07 mins
dir. Gabriel Nelson & Sierra Sanchez
Starring Mikey Bullister
Paintings by Sierra Sanchez

In Decision is a multimedia installation comprised of an abstract short film and a series of widescreen-format oil paintings. The project aims to provide a critical and visual discussion of the reactive moment one decides to act constructively or destructively in the face of life-changing events. The works investigate the incentives behind decisions that can either improve the character of the individual and propel them toward happiness, or else degrade oneself and his/her periphery relationships. The film and painted works question the effects of constructive or destructive actions and how these decisions collectively provide insight into the honest nature of one’s character.


Sun Setting on Eric House (2016)
dir. Sierra Sanchez
soundtrack – Sierra Sanchez
cinematography – Sierra Sanchez

As a composer, I created a minimal, sample-based score to detail and nuance the power of a historied space. By taking field recordings in or around the house and developing the samples into playable MIDI instruments, I captured the natural “voice” of the space and surrounding area to aid the visuals in establishing the house as a character. Visually, I sought to create a character out of a space by pointing the camera at the unique details we often miss in familiar spaces.