Sierra Sanchez is a triple-wielding maker hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas, Texas.

She creates paintings, drawings, prints or any combination of the three on a daily basis because it makes her feel strong and irreplaceable. She co-founded Pancake Head Prints, a silkscreen studio in Providence, RI, with Gabriel Nelson early 2017– currently her happy place where the magic all happens. In the near future, she plans to establish an artist co-op in Rhode Island for all types of makers on a quiet plot of land while exploring and expanding her studio practice.

 For questions/commission requests email me at sierrasanchezart@gmail.com

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  • Lisa Wood December 4, 2017

    Hello Miss Sierra,
    I found your work and absolutely love many pieces. I would greatly appreciate it if I could have your permission to use the digital image of one of your “In Decision” gallery (http://www.sierrasanchez.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/InDecision2017-3.jpg) as the image that would be associated with my next blog post title: Illness and Crisis: What is the reason for My Suffering? If you would like to read my article, I would gladly send you an advance copy.

    Thank you,
    Lisa Wood

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