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Sierra Sanchez is an Interdisciplinary artist Working in Providence, Rhode island.

Influenced by horror, darkroom photography, baroque painting, and music, Sierra creates within the ties and translations of the visual and the auditory.

She founds vast worlds on which she constructs personal yet elaborately-coded narratives, revealing truths and observations about the way we operate within and without society. Her symbolic imagery enables the viewer to reinterpret their own experiences into the story, opening up the floor for the audience to consider their encounters with sexual objectification, impostor syndrome, illusions of power, dreams, nightmares and joy.

She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on painting from Rhode Island School of Design, and previously studied art at Brookhaven College, Dallas TX.

For inquiries, email her at

You can visit her work in person at Skye Gallery, Providence, RI.

Or see the latest publication of her silkscreen work in fields magazine, issue 9.

And to support her practice, please consider becoming a patron.


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