Sierra Sanchez is an interdisciplinary artist working in Providence, Rhode Island. Through her videos, paintings and music, she constructs personal yet elaborately-coded narratives, revealing truths and observations about the way we operate within and without society. Her symbolic imagery invites the viewer to connect with their own encounters with sexual objectification, impostor syndrome, illusions of power, dreams, nightmares and joy.

Sierra is the co-founder of Mean Waterbud Films, a filmmaking collaborative that specializes in original horror and sci-fi with a DIY spirit. She works in the collaborative as an all-around filmmaker (director, writer, editor, etc.), but mostly loves to compose film scores. 

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in painting from Rhode Island School of Design, and previously studied art at Brookhaven College, Dallas TX. She currently works as a freelance film composer on the west side and enjoys petting all the nice neighborhood cats.


Feel free to schedule a studio visit via email, or stop by Skye Gallery, where she often exhibits and hangs out.

Download her CV here: 2019_artCV


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